What makes Zawadi’s framed prints unique ?

  • 380gsm Van Gogh high resolution canvas used.
  • Contemporary floating frame
  • All materials are recycled and recyclable
  • Printing resolution up to 1200dpi
  • Inks used are water based and environmentally friendly
  • Canvases are sealed at the back with a 5mm board, for protection and frame stability
  • Low limited editions (30 large and 50 medium)
  • 10% of sales go to the Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF), this is in lieu of royalty fees
  • Three different colour frames available
  • Crated and safely transported with DHL worldwide, fully framed and ready to hang
  • Personalized engraving available onto steel plaque
  • Prints digitally signed by Brenda Li
  • Exclusive photography
  • Only original photos used, no digital editing or effects