Chi wara Classic bronze


Total height – 181cm

Chi Wara are danced in male and female pairs, a marvelous statement of the complementary nature of life. The dances are performed by vigorous young men in the fields while a chorus of women sing the praises of the ideal farmer. According to Bamana legend, Chi Wara used his antlers to dig into the earth, making it possible for humans to cultivate the land. Humans watched Chi Wara and then tilled their own soil. Chi Wara used his hoofs to cover the seeds, and humans, observing closely, became experts at planting seeds. Few objects are so generally identified with African ritual as the Bamana Chi Wara crest mask. This tradition remains one of the most widely recognised forms in all of African art.

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Cast in the age old original “lost wax” bronze cast method, which brings out the artist’s original sculpture details.