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Johan Hoekstra (1939 – 2019)

Since childhood, Johan Hoekstra was passionate about drawing animals, birds, and the South African landscape. Throughout his life he took trips to the bush at every opportunity, sketching and photographing wildlife, both fauna, and flora.

After studying architecture and graphic design, Johan embarked on a distinguished career in advertising, winning a host of international and local awards. Tiring of the grueling life in big business, he created his own design studio, specializing in design consulting, book design and illustration. Commissions for his paintings started coming in from the late 1990’s, and this pointed to a whole new career. Since then, Johan amassed a truly impressive collection of works.

Johan Hoekstra is noted for his fidelity to nature and his phenomenal sense of observation, through which he can express, with startling accuracy, the character and body language of any bird or animal. His paintings hang in corporate and private collections in South Africa, USA, Europe, UK, Australia, and the Far East. His works have been auctioned in Christies, and other renowned auction houses.

Zawadi is licensed to reproduce Johan Hoekstra’s original artworks.

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  • Johan Hoekstra

  • ENGR13013

    Johan Hoekstra Engraved Elephants

  • ENGR13021

    Johan Hoekstra Eagle and Chick

  • ENGR13017

    Johan Hoekstra Engraved Buffalo

  • ENGR13019

    Johan Hoekstra engraved Cheetahs

  • ENGR13016

    Johan Hoekstra engraved lioness & cubs

  • ENGR13015

    Johan Hoekstra Engraved Lioness & Zebra

  • ENGR13018

    Johan Hoekstra Engraved Serval on Rocks

  • ENGR13012

    Johan Hoekstra Engraved Warthog

  • ENGR13030

    Johan Hoekstra Engraved Zebras